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 Modifications to my 2000 Foretravel U270 Motor Home

This is our new 2000  36 foot Foretravel U270.

Of course nearly everything I buy has to be improved somehow.  Our Foretravel is no exception.  Below is a portion of the modifications I have made to our Foretravel.  Some of these modifications were made to assist my wife who was mobility limited, while others were convenience changes. 

Accessibility Changes:

Betty had a severe case of Rheumatoid Arthritis and could walk only on a flat, smooth surface.  She could not climb steps at all.  She also could not reach above her shoulders.  Sadly, Betty passed away in April, 2005.  The following couple of sections show many of the changes I made to assist her.  Several of these changes have since been removed, but many remain.

Handicap Lift and Ramp    1/2001

Handles, Switches, and Refrigerator Latch    3/2001

Convenience Projects:

These projects were done to improve the utility, safety, or pleasure of driving the coach.


Dick Mason, Prescott, AZ  12/14/03