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Machine shop tool Mods

I have been making a number of improvements to the tools in my machine shop lately.  Below I describe several that I have completed and a list of possible future projects.

Milling Machine -Adding a Digital Read Out (DRO)    12/2013

Milling Machine -Adding a power feed unit to the X axis    1/2014

Milling Machine - Motor replacement, tach, and VFD    5/2014

Milling Machine -Adding a DRO the the quill    12/2015

Lathe -Adding low cost DROs    12/2013

Lathe -Replacing the motor and drive, and adding a VFD    2/2014

Lathe - Adding a tachometer    2/2014

Drill Press -Installing a variable speed drive and tachometer    11/2015

"Quickies" already completed, and Wish list of possible future projects    11/2013

Richard Mason 12/1/2013