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Who is Dick Mason?  

I am a retired Mechanical Engineer who worked for many years in the aerospace electronics business, and for a few in a small custom design high tech inspection equipment company.  I ended my career designing and directing the use of computerized electronics assembly equipment.

I live in Prescott, Arizona in a nice manufactured home, which includes an oversize 2 car garage, a machine shop, and a motor home garage.  I have been trying to document most of my projects and trips over the years, and this site contains all the reports that I have written, most with photographs included.

I have broken my various reports into the primary topics shown above.  I hope you enjoy browsing my site!

Although I originally wrote these reports for my own use and for my family and close friends, I have posted them here for anyone who might be interested.  If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. I would love hear from you.  Please contact me  using my email address shown below.


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Richard Mason 12/1/2013