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Trips I have Taken

The following is a list of all the trips for which I wrote trip reports.  Sometime after I got my first laptop computer in 1996, I started to write trip reports as we went.

The first few trips listed are the most recent, and in general, are relatively short trips.  The reports were either written progressively during the trip, or were written after returning home, and then published.  These trips include both motor home trips and ocean cruises, along with one trip by air.

Guys' Trip to Florida May 2015

Our April 2012 Trip to Utah and Arizona

Our November 2011 Panama Canal Cruise

Our March 2010 Trip to Albquerque

Our July 09 Cruise/tour to Alaska

Our March 08 Cruise to Hawaii

Our Sept 07 trip to Show Low, AZ

Our Aug 07 trip to Redmond, OR, Monterey, Atascadero

Our May 07 trip to Southern Arizona

Our Trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Zion NP (Sept. 06)

My Trip to NV, UT, and AZ (Sept. - Oct. 05

My Trip to Edwards Air Force Base (May 05)

The following trips were generally longer in duration and often went across the country, and were taken with my wife Betty, who sadly passed away on our Georgia/Florida trip below.  Generally the reports for these trips began their life as email reports I would send home to friends and relatives.  I would generally send a report every 3 or 4 days.  These reports were combined, and on the later ones, photos were added, then it was posted on my website.

The earlier reports always posed a challenge trying to find a place willing to let me plug in my computer to a phone line to send the emails.  As widespread WIFI and other Internet connections became more prevalent, this problem eased considerably.  On the newer reports, I often built my web pages on the road and published them from there, emailing only the links.

Our Trip to Georgia and Florida (Mar, Apr 05)

Our Fall 2004 trip to UT, CO, and NM

Our Fall 2003 trip to Arkansas and Missouri

Photos from our Fall 2001 trip with the Ramblin' Recs

These next reports are from the time period before I started including photos with my reports.br>

Ramblin' Recs New Mexico Trip 9/26/02 to 10/21/02

FMCA Redmond, OR convention 8/7/01 to 8/16/01

North Central US Trip 5/3/01 to 7/9/01

Arizona Work Trips 3/2/01 to 4/6/01

Ramblin' Recs AZ, UT Trip 10/9/00 to 10/29/00

Colorado Trip 9/6/99 to 9/29/99

New England Trip 5/22/99 to 7/28/99

Northwest US Trip 9/21/98 to 10/23/98

Southern US Trip 5/4/98 to 6/29/98

Gulfstream Pre-rally 2/26/98 to 3/6/98

Arizona Trip 9/2/97 to 9/16/97

Arizona Trip 11/11/96 to 11/24/96

Southern US Trip 9/19/96 to 10/18/96

Yellowstone Trip 6/1/96 to 6/22/96

We took several trips between 1/1995 and 6/1996, but that was prior to my having a portable computer, and no reports were written.

The last couple reports are not of trips at all, but chronicle a disaster at our college town church in San Luis Obispo, and the arrival of our "new" Foretravel motor home.

Fire destroys San Luis Obispo, CA United Methodist Church (3/15/01)

Our "New" Foretravel Motorcoach  (Jan. 01)