Reports and Pictures from our Fall 2003 Trip
to Arkansas and Missouri

I am posting copies of all my reports here, along
with pictures of some highlights of our trip.
I will place only a few pictures on each page
so the loading time will remain reasonable.

Click on the page you want to see:

Prescott to Higden (no photos)  (10/8 - 10/16)

Higden, Washington, and Hot Springs AR  (including photos)  (10/17 - 10/18)

Higden to Eureka Springs  (including photos)  (10/19 - 10/22)

Branson (including photos)  (10/23 - 10/26)

Lebanon, Sullivan, Higden (including photos)  (10/27 - 10/31)

Higden to Prescott (including photos)  (11/1 - 11/10)