SCRR Rally at the Railside Ranch in Williams, AZ

September 16- 19, 2013

Bill, Len, and Al in the breakfast tent                                      

                                        Ken, Carol, Kelly, and Marv

Hank, Joe, Jo Ann, Clarence, Jeanne, and Marie                                     

                                       Carol, Al, Shirley, and Len

Dennis and Dee                                     

                                       Dee, De, Tony, and Marv

Marilyn, Larey, Joyce, Tony, and Bill                                       

                                      Len, Shirley, Al, and Judy

Several of our members drove to the Planes of Fame Air Museum in Valle, AZ, about a 30 minute drive from the campground.  The following pictures are from there.

WWII display case                                     

                                       Navy Plane

Original P-38 engine                                     

                                       Original Japanese engine

Navy 8-F-8                                     

                                       US fighter

1931 Packard                                     

                                       1931 Packard

Navy VT-6                                     

Thanks to Marilyn for these great pictures