SCRR Rally at Wickenburg Community Center RV Park

April 23 - 26, 2013


Everyone here?                            

                              This is a hungry group!

Yep, everyone's here!                            

                              Allan resting in his Alfa.

Albert looking ready for some hot supper.                            

                              Supper is ready

Beautiful rosemary and rose garden.                            

                              Albert and Jonathan having a good time.

Jonathan enjoying some mid-afternoon games.                            

                              Historic Wickenburg in the evening.

Looks crowded inside the kitchen...                            

                              Historic casino and restaurant, neat place.

Homemade Ice Cream, very good stuff!                            

                              Statues around Wickenburg.

The Western Museum                            

                              Bill, Judy, Len, and Marilyn at Tumbleweeds for dinner

The place had the old west charm                            

                              What a nice place and the food was great!

Everyone seemed to really enjoy Tumbleweeds.                            

                              Mary and Allan, Jonathan and Jessica

Joyce and Jonathan "sharing" a margarita                            

                              Albert trying on a new hat.

Judy, Mary, Linda, and Shirley enjoying the cool evening.                            

Thanks to Jessica and Mary for these pictures.

Thanks to Marilyn for the following pictures.

Norm, Mary, Kelly, Ken, Larey, Joyce, Linda, Tony, Len, Judy, Al, and Shirley.  (3 pictures put together)

                              Marv and Carol

Ralph and Allan                            

                            Linda, Ralph, Dottie, Hank, and Bill relaxing in the shade

Jo Ann, Joe, Tony, Linda, Ralph, and Dottie                            

                              Norm, Joe, and Jo Ann

Tony, Larey, Len, Judy, and Marilyn                            

                              Ready for dinner

Marv, Judy, Len, Carol, Ken, Kelly, Jo Ann, and Joe                            

                              Marilyn, Bill, Al, and Marv

Joyce, Larey, Norm, and Mary                            

                              Jo Ann, Marie, Hank, and Joe

Ralph, Dottie, Norm, and Mary                            

                              Dinner at the Tumbleweeds

Mary, Jessica, Johnathan, Allan