SCRR at FMCA Convention, Chandler, AZ

 March 7 - 10, 2017

Our chapter coaches, belonging to the Bob and Cathy, and to Norm and Mary

Here we see Bob, Cathy, and Mary.  Norm is behind the camera.

We will be seeing this diagram quite often in the near future.  It is stressing that it not about the equipment,
its about the people! - and changes are coming.

Our FMCA Natrional President, Charlie Adcock, speaks to the attendees.

Another view of Charlie Adcock as he gave his talk.

There were a lot of exhibitors with displays.

Seeing the exhibits is always one of the highlights.

Remember when we drove the carts as part of the TRAMS team?

Chandler provided a nice location for the convention.

Norm took these pictures