SCRR at the Railside RV Ranch in Williams - October  2016

Our rigs were parked next to the rec-room where we held our happy hours and ate our dinners.  We were
in two rows right across from each other.

The park offered a complimentary breakfast each day.  Sorry, this picture is from our last
rally at this park.  (No, Marv and Carol were not there this year.)

On our final night the campground shuttle took us to Rod's Steakhouse for dinner.  The
only way to show Marilyn and the driver in the front seats was through a dirty windshield.
The campground owner took this picture.

Here are the rest of us.  In the front row are Marie, Hank, Dick, and Rosemarie.  In the next row,
Shirley, Al, Tony, and Linda.  Michael and Linda are in the last row.

Linda and Michael are our newest members.  They joined at this rally.  Welcome!

Al and Shirley

Bill and Marilyn

Tony and Linda

Marie and Hank

Rosemarie and Dick

These photos were taken by Linda, Dick, and the campground owner