SCRR at Grand Cavern Canyons - April 2016

There are two office/gift shop/restaurant complexes.  The first one is as you exit the highway and includes a motel,
a gift shop, and a small cafe, along with a miniature golf course.  From there you take a road of about a mile back
to the campground and the caverns.  Above you see the restaurant and gift shop at the RV park.  This is also
where you check in for the cavern tours.

The original cavern tours, shortly after the caverns were discovered consisted of being lowered through the entrance hole on a rope, lowering you 220 feet to the bottom.  When
you were through, they hoisted you back up and out.  Someone doing this became known as a "dope on a rope".

The host supplied dinner was delicious.  Here we see members
Here we see a petrified log bench.

The campground was rustic, but nice.  We had 50 amp electric and water at each site.  Al's shade
canopy was appreciated by all!  The following pictures show our rigs in our sites.


We gathered each evening for our happy hour.  Here we see Cathy, Carol, and Marv on the left and Tony, Marvin, Linda, De, Joyce, and Larry on the right.

Here are Bill, Marie, Hank, Shirley, and Al on the left and Mary, Greg, Bob, Rosemarie, Cathy, and Carol on the right.

A free continental breakfast was supplied as part of our camping fee each day.  It was in the 50's themed coffee shop at the main entrance.  Outside were a number of
vintage (un-restored) cars.  Your editor had a VW Squareback and a Corvair Coupe like these in his younger days.  (His Corvair was white.)

Clarence & Jeanne, De & Marvin, and Bill & Marilyn (the photographer) visited the Hualapai Museum in Peach Springs.

On the left, Marvin and Marilyn are looking at the exhibits: on the right Bill, Marvin, and De are being shown arrows and a quiver.

You can see the exquisite detail on this artist's wooden wall hanging.

Several of our members took a drive to the river.  This involved entering the Hualapai Indian Reservation and paying an exorbitant per head fee, and continuing down to the river.  They
said it was well worth it!  The road was not too bad, and the Ocotillo was in full bloom.

This is a panorama of two of Norm's pictures showing the beauty they encountered along the way.

This is the Colorado River just after passing through the Grand Canyon.

Mary, Norm, Bob, and Cathy pose by the area where  people leave the river after
rafting through the Grand Canyon.

Part of the complex at the main entrance was a miniature golf course.  Several of us tried it.

Here Bill and Marilyn try their putting skills.

Followed by Dick and Rosemarie.

Somehow Dick ended with the low score and poses here for his winner's photo.

The host supplied dinner was delicious, and everyone ate their fill.

Following dinner, ice cream and cookies were served.

Our final dinner consisted of bring-our-own-meat we barbecued on the numerous grills, accompanied by side
dishes and dessert provided by the hosts.

These photos were taken by Marilyn, De, Norm, and Dick