SCRR at Quartzsite Jan 16-18, 2015

                              Bill, Norm, Mary, Kate, Mike, Linda, Tony and Joyce gather around for happy hour.

Here we see Marilyn, Bill, Skip, and Norm at happy hour.                                 

                                   Joyce, Marilyn, and Bill beam for the camera.

The sunsets were spectacular!   


Mary, Linda, Tony, Skip, and April are enjoying the campfire.                            

                             So are Kate, Mike, Bill, and Marilyn.

Here are Tony, Skip, and Norm.                              

                                 Larey and Joyce pose for the camera.


Marilyn and Bill also pose.

And so does Mary.                                 

                              And April.

And here are Skip and Norm.                                 

Linda, Marilyn, and Norm took these pictures