SCRR at Distant Drums RV Resort

Camp Verde, AZ

April 13 - 17, 2015

Our Camp and Attendees

Distant Drums is one of the nicest parks where we hold rallies.  We had 10 rigs for this rally.

Al and Shirley, Bill and Marilyn

Dick and Rosemarie

Hank and Marie, Kay and David

Marvin and Carol

Norm and Mary, Phyllis and Win

And our hosts, Clarence, Jeanne, De, and Marvin

Everyone enjoys talking and snacking at happy hour.


We ate very well at this rally.

The Copper Art Museum

The Copper Art Museum in Clarkdale is located in the old high school building.

We are gathered in the lobby as the museum's founder, Drake Meinke and our volunteer tour guide introduce us to the museum.
 We were then given an introduction to the history of copper.

Our tour guide was very well versed and did a good job of educating us.

Throughout the museum, copper footprints led from area to area to guide visitors taking the self guided tour.  To the
right we see some ancient helmets made of various metals.

Some of the copper mined over the ages has yielded an exceptional amount of pure copper
as shown in this example.  Today, most of the mining yields much lower concentrations of
 copper requiring more processing.

Arizona used to be called the Copper State, then in a move to boost tourism, it was changed to the Grand Canyon State.  On the
right are some copper and brass tools along with a couple of copper molds.

This beautiful Jardiniere is featured near the entrance.  (Yes, I had to look it up too!)

There were examples of beautifully hand tooled copper and brass items in every room.

They also had displays of beautiful glass with colors created by including small amounts of metals
in the molten glass.

The Architectural Room had beautiful examples including copper ceiling art
and various columns with finishes ranging from polished to a heavy
green patina caused by time and moisture.

Other examples of copper building art.

The Military Room contained examples of weapons, armor, and many, many decorated shell casings (trench art).

The Kitchen Room contained examples of almost every kitchen tool and appliance made, all made of copper.

There was an endless variety of pots and pans, pitchers and kettles on display.

Rosemarie admires a gorgeous copper trimmed stove.

There were also examples of vintage copper stoves as well as brand new ones.

More molds, pitchers, and ladles.

The Vineyard Room had examples of everything needed to grow grapes, harvest them, and make
them into wine..  The copper containers on the left are decorative examples of containers the pickers
wore on their backs to hold the picked grapes.  In practice, they used wooden ones like the one
to the far left of the wall in the back (largely hidden by the closer rack).  I thought that would have
been lighter than the metal ones, but they were actually heavier!

Here is a Cognac still. It is comprised of three main parts:  The boiler is in the center of the left picture, the preheater is
in the right picture, and the condenser is partially shown in the left picture.  The wine is double distilled using this
equipment and eventually produces Cognac.  It must meet very stringent standards to be Cognac, otherwise it is brandy.

Eating Out

Dinner our final night was at the Golden Dragon restaurant.

The food was served buffet style, with a very wide variety of food.

These pictures were taken by Marilyn and Dick.