SCRR at Cottonwood, May 11 - 14

This is the Verde Valley Fairgrounds clubhouse where we eat our meals and hold other activities.

Our coaches are parked around the club house to give us easy access to all the food!

The slag pile adjacent to the fairgrounds contains remnants of copper mining and has been here
 for over 80 years.  Recently the rights have been sold to a company that makes industrial
 abrasives.  They expect to use up the pile of slag in about 15 years.

Ed is heating tortillas for our breakfast burritos.

Building our burritos was an assembly line process.  The end product was sure good!

Here we are all enjoying our breakfast.

Marvin and De, Ed and Anais,                              Tony and Linda, Rosemarie and Dick

Hank and Marie, Al and Shirley,                                            Marilyn and Bill, Dottie and Ralph.

We do not see our guests Greg and Jenny here, as they decided to skip breakfast.

On our final night, we went out to the Plaza Bonita for a very filling Mexican meal.

At dinner we see Marie, Hank, Dick, Rosemarie, Jenny, Greg (our guests),
Linda, and Tony.

And here we see (l to r) Pat (guest for dinner), Marvin, De, Ed, Anais,
Al, Shirley, Marilyn, and Bill.

After dinner we met in the clubhouse for ice cream and cake, followed by
some Card Bingo.

Marie did an excellent job of calling the cards.                And the players get ready for another hand of Card Bingo.

These pictures were taken by Marilyn and Dick