SCRR Rally and Business Meeting at the

Wickenburg Community Center

November 11 to 14, 2014

                         The Wickenburg Community Center is a beautiful building with large shade trees and very green grass!  Just
                         remember to bring in your chairs at night as they water every morning.

They have TWO wonderful kitchens, each equipped with top-of-the-line commercial stoves, refrigerators,                         
freezers, and even a commercial dishwasher and steam table.                         

Our coaches are parked together and connected to water and electricity.

                         We are gathered for our first breakfast in the large, well appointed dining room.

De did a fantastic job with the decorations.

Al is doing is usual excellent job cooking the eggs.                         

During the day, many of us brought our chairs over to the shade of a large tree and relaxed.

                         Rose is the manager of the Community Center and was very easy to work with and quite sociable.

Linda is getting ready to prepare a fantastic dish..                         

                         We certainlyt didn't lack for great things to eat!

Skip and Tony pose for a picture.                         


Marilyn is reading the minutes during the business meeting.  (This is a panorama of three pictures.)

Tony is being installed as our National Director.                         

                         Al is being installed as our Alternate National Director.

Larey is being installed as our Treasurer.                         

                         Marilyn is being installed as our Secretary.

Hank is being installed as our 2nd Vice President.                         

                         Rosemarie is being installed as our 1st Vice President.

Linda is being installed as our President.                         

                         Here is our new slate of officers along with Joe who performed the installations.

Members watch our officers being installed.                         

                         Skip and April pause while walking their dog.

The crowd gathers expectantly as the drivers prepare their cars in anticipation of the big race!                         

Bill on the left, and Al on the right make their cars scream around the course.

                         Joe is practically on two wheels as he rounds the corner.

Dick on the left, and Skip on the right skillfully guide their cars at high speed around the hazardous course.

Al, gets a winner's kiss and hug from Shirley.  I wonder if the prize would have been the same with                         
a different winner?                         

                         Skip gave us a demonstration of his new high performance, military surplus truck.  He had some
                         control problems and is mopping up spilled coffee!  We now call his truck "The Destroyer".

Marilyn. April, and Dick took these pictures