SCRR Western Area Rally Indio Jan 8-12, 2014

                                        Upon arriving we were parked across the street from the main activities.  As it
                                        turned out, this was a great spot, as we were only a very short walk from the trams.

Coffee and donuts were served each morning, accompanied by music by                                      
the Frustrated Maestros.                                      

                                        Skip and April are enjoying their coffee and donuts as much as we are.

The parade is a highlight of the rally each year.  Here the Honor Guard lead                                      
off the parade.                                      

This year's theme was Dogpatch.  Here a load of Kickapoo Joy Juice is being

                                        Another theme based float.

Modesty was not always a high priority.                                      

                                        There was even a "shotgun wedding".

Lil Abners and Daisy Maes were plentiful.  How long since you have seen                                      
a shmoo?                                     

                                        Weiner with no mustard or catsup was popular in the parade.  You would think
                                        he would be in the pet competition.  Oh yeah!  He was there too!

The floats all showed imagination and a lot of work                                      

                                        The Ice Cream Socials are always very popular.

The Frustrated Maestros performed during the Ice Cream Social.                                      

                                        The pet competition followed the Social.  There were some very elaborate costumes.


                                        Here Daisy Mae meets Daisy Mae.  The larger Daisy won the theme catagory.

The sign says it all.                                      

                                        This biker dog has his own leathers and helmet.  He has actually ridden extensively
                                        with his owner.  He won the Best Costume category.

This was the winner of the best pet trick category.  His owner placed a foot                                      
on his other leg making a "hoop".  The dog repeatedly jumped through.                                      

                                        Several of the winners pose for photographs.

A number of us went out to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant on the final                                      
night.  We were lucky enough to have April's daughter and granddaughter and                                     
  their boyfriends join us.                                 


The entertainment each evening was very enjoyable.                                      

Dick took these pictures.