SCRR Rally at Payson, AZ  May 13 to 16

                               The first thing we did upon arriving was to take a tour of Payson.

                               Payson is a beautiful area.                                                             

                               Our campground

Campground spaces                              

                               We had our meals and happy hours on the raised patio above the pool.

Linda, Marv, Al, and Tony at happy hour and spaghetti dinner.                              

                               Norm, Mary, Clarence, and Jeanne

Shirley, Kelly, Dick, and Rosemarie                              

                               Bill and Carol

Bill, Dick, Rosemarie, Ken, and Kelly at Tiny's Restaurant                              

                               Breakfast at Tiny's Restaurant

Norm, Marv, Carol, Marilyn, Bill, and Shirley at BBQ dinner.                              

                               Bill and Marilyn visited the local Elks Lodge 2154

Elk's lodge entry                              

                               Marilyn and Bill enjoy cold beers

Green Valley Parkway and Lake behind Zane Grey's cabin                              

                               Zane Grey cabin

Zane Grey Cabin                              

                               The Rim Country Museum

Remaining cabin in Dude Fire.  Zane Grey's original cabin was                              
destroyed in this fire.                              

                               Haught Cabin

Dude Fire statue dedicated to firemen.                              

                               Mazatzal hotel and casino where we had our crab dinner.  Members
                              Keith and Virg Scholl visited us Wednesday and went to dinner with us here.

Thanks to Marilyn for these beautiful pictures!