SCRR Rally at the Quail Ridge RV Park,  Mayer, AZ

October 15 - 18, 2013

                                         The bean bag baseball game starts.

The crowd was roaring with every play!                                        

                                         Linda scores for the ladies.

The men won the first day 2 games to 1.                                        

                                         Marilyn is about to score!

The women were the champions the second day 2 games to 0.                                        

                                         Quail Ridge RV Park office.

View of campground area.                                        

                                         The hosts are preparing breakfast.

Dick had been told he was missing his papoose (from his back brace).  The                                        
next morning, he corrected that problem.                                        

                                         The members are waiting for breakfast.

Dumpster divers Al and Joyce survey their treasure.                                        

                                         Afternoon game of LCR.

Joe - did I roll that?                                        

                                         Hosts Hank, Marie, Jo Ann, and Joe.

Thanks to Marilyn for most of the pictures and Dick for a few.