SCRR Rally and Business Meeting at the

Valley Verde Fairgrounds, Cottonwood, AZ

November 12 - 15, 2013

Social hour is the time to catch up and to spin yarns                                      

                                        Al, is it treat time yet?

Ah, Phyllis' lap is just right!                                      

                                        A few of the 15 rigs in attendance

A moment of prayer before dinner                                      

                                        There was no lack of dishes for the salad potluck

Everyone is enjoying the salads                                      

                                        Mary and Shirley watch Al doing a fancy dance adorned with Kelly's scarves

Mary is enjoying her meal                                      

                                        President Len is conducting the business meeting

Hank is presenting his 2nd vice president's report                                      

                                        Joe was responsible for installing the new officers

Here are the newly installed officers.  From the left, Larey, Hank, Rosemarie,                                      
Linda, Marilyn, Marvin, and Tony.  On the right is Joe, who installed them.                                     

                                        Outgoing president Len was presented with this ceremonial gavel

The final night we had dinner at the Plaza Bonita                                      

                                        The restaurant recently changed its name from Casa Bonita.  This sign was too nice to change

We have ordered and are just waiting for the food to be delivered                                      

Thanks to De and Dick for these pictures