SCRR at Casa Grande, AZ  Feb 1 - 3, 2013

                                        Gourd display

More gourds on display                                       

                                        Beautiful creation for $1700

Mask gourd display                                       

                                        Pinal County Fairgrounds

Welcome display                                       

                                        Wuertz Farm

Dried gourds for sale                                       

                                        There were a lot of dried gourds for sale

Gourd Strait Concert                                       

                                        Al and Jessica dance to the music

Saturday night dinner                                       

                                        Saturday night dinner

  Bill is contemplating his birthday cake.  Happy Birthday, Bill!                                      

Thanks to Marilyn for the above 14 pictures

                                        Gourd Festival display

SCRR members at one of the concerts                                       

                                        A gourd tricycle

Thanks to Shirley for the above 3 photos

                                        Looks like a barrel cactus with a bird but is really a gourd with a bird!

Breakfast time!                                       


                                        Skip tries to fix the electric!

Breakfast! Al cooks as Len and Tony watch                                       

                                        Quail gourd family

Gourds, gourds, gourds                                       

                                        This is a gourd?

Here is part of the group                                       

Thanks to Norm and Mary for the above 8 pictures

And last but not least is this picture from April's Facebook page:

                                    Lady Gourdiva and Gourd Washington