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Dick Mason's Electric Vehicle (EV) Conversion Project

This is the continuing saga of my efforts to convert a 2002 Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck to full electric power.

This is the object of all this effort, a 2002 Chevy S-10 pickup truck.

I describe, step by step, with many photographs, all the efforts which go into its conversion from gasoline engine power to battery powered electric drive.

Stages 1 through 5 are pretty much chronological.  Stages 6, 7, and 8 were done during the same time frame, and are grouped by topic.  These carry the project to the point that I can start driving the car on a daily basis.

Stages 9 and 10 are what I call "post completion", tasks that I did after I had the car in driving condition.

Stage 1   Initial planning, tooling up, and disassembly.  5/08 through 7/17/08

Stage 2   Motor and adapter installation, main battery boxes.  7/17/08 through 8/31/08

Stage 3   Power Steering, Air Conditioning, and Front Battery Boxes   9/1/08 through 9/20/08

Stage 4   Mounting of Accessories    9/21/08 through 9/30/08

Stage 5   Installing Batteries and Cables    10/1/08 through 10/13/08

Stage 6   Installing the Electronics Board & My First Test Drive    10/14/08 through 12/3/08

Stage 7 Additional Electronics Installation (Instrumentation, Charger)  10/17/08 through 11/16/08

Stage 8  Finishing Touches    11-1-08 through 12/18/08

Stage 9  Post Completion Changes and Results     12/19/08 through 2/10/09

Stage 10  Additional Tasks done 6 Months or More after "Completion"    7/1/09 thru Present



Dick Mason, Prescott, AZ  6/21/08